The Death Of A Child Is Forever

Don Warner knows the pain that comes from the loss of a child…

“February 6, 2003, changed life forever for Linda and me. We lost our precious child, the love of our lives. Nothing could ever again be the same.”

From Walks on the Beach With Angie: A Father’s Story of Love by Don Warner

The loss of a child…an enduring legacy…

In a relentless fight against cystic fibrosis, Linda and I advocated for our daughter’s happiness and for her future. We cherished this role. The creation of an enduring legacy in her honor is our way of carrying on the business of Angie’s life, despite the death of our child.

We created the Angela Warner Foundation as part of that legacy. Click here to learn more.

The Angela Warner Children’s Memorial and Prayer Garden was designed to provide peace and comfort to everyone who has known the loss of a child. Click here to learn more.

Another part of Angie’s legacy is my book, Walks on the Beach With Angie: A Father’s Story of Love. The story of Angie’s life with cystic fibrosis is offered with hope as a comfort to others. If you would like a copy of the book Walks on the Beach with Angie, please contact Don Warner at to make the request. A book will be sent to you along with an invoice for $24.95.

If you know something about life with CF, if you have experienced the death of a child, if you have lived with a difficult challenge, I want you to know and be inspired by Angie. Click here to learn more.

Don Warner is available to speak to you or your group about any of these topics.
Please contact us.